Fire Pump Controllers

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Fire Pump Controllers

Fire Pump Controllers can be divided into two parts as diesel – and electric fire-pump controllers.

They are designed to control and monitor the fire pumps, fulfilling the requirements described by the fire-pump controller standards.

In the World some certification authorities play significant role in the fire pump controlling process. Generally fire pump controllers are certified and listed by the certification authorities, like UL- Underwriters Laboratories. FM- Factory Mutual ,VdS



  •  0,75 kW – 7,5 kW Direct Starting
  •  7,5 kW – 560 kW Star Delta starting
  •  CE norm safety switches
  •  Automatic test ,
  •  Over current short circuit protection
  •  Alarm system
  •  Suitable for residential automation



Softstarter starting

Built according to NFPA norm