Soft Starter Control Panels

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Soft Starter Control Panels

From the moment the first electric motor was developed,engineers have tried to come up with ways of avoiding the electrical and mechanical problems that usually occur when starting a motor.

High inrush currents, current spikes and excessive mechanical wear are some of the problems that need to be avoided. One way is to use a Star-Delta starter. This method is for many applications an insufficient solution since it handles neither problems with current spikes or torque peaks nor provides a way to perform a soft stop. A softstarter on the other hand, will provide far better performance during the start and allows for soft stops of the motor.

Main features of our panels:                                                                   

  • Soft start and stop                                                                  
  • Torque control
  • Forward and reverse motor jog
  • Motor load irregularities protection
  • Network irregularities protection
  • Detachable keypad
  • Fieldbus communication
  • Three-phase controlled
  • Operational voltage: 208 – 690 VAC
  • Wide rated control supply voltage: 100 – 250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Both in-line and inside-delta connection
  • Coated circuit boards protecting from dust, moist and corrosive atmosphere
  • Detachable keypad rated IP66 (Type 1, 4X,12)
  • Graphical display with 15 languages for easy setup and operation
  • Built-in bypass for energy saving and easy installation
  • Built-in Modbus RTU for monitoring and control
  • Support for all major communication protocols
  • Analog output for measurement of current, voltage, power factor etc.