Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control Panel

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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control Panel

Variable Frequency Drive  Panel or simply Drive Panels use in AC motor speed control applications. VFD Panel controls motor speed by changing the motor input frequency along with the voltage.

VFD Panels control the consumption of electricity in AC motors to reduce cost. Generally use  in AC motors like pumps, compressor units and fans ,metal rolling, extrusion plants, tube mills and cable drawing processes.


Easy Start-up;

  •  Parameters, all settings and functional test fixed.
  •  Ready to use.

Manual Working Principle;

  • In any failure of the system you can choose our manual mode on the panel and your pumps continue to work again.

Advanced Control Display;
Assistant control panel with clear alphanumerical dynamic menus, real time clock and 14 languages. Basic panel with numerical display.

  •  Phase Failure and Phase Sequence protection
  •  Protection for working without water.
  •  Two different working mode: Automatic and Manual
  •  In automatic mode you can control with 4-20 mA pressure switch
  •  Pilot lights for No Water, Phase Failure, Invertor Failure
  •  Pilot lights for each pump work and failure condition
  •  Switch for each pump (0-1) and (Man-0-Automatic)
  •  Voltage free contact for SCADA System
  •  Real equal aging of pumps
  •  Sleep Mode
  •  One drive controls up to 5 pumps or fans and eliminates the need for an external programmable logic controller.
  •  Events log
  •  Termostatic fan control in the Panel.
  •  Embedded Modbus EIA-485 fieldbus interface.
  •  No need for external fieldbus options.
  •  Integrated and compact design.