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Excellence in Service and Production

Our company was founded in 1980 , particularly Kerim Elektromotor has a great experience about motor control and distrubition panels. With an experienced and well-trained staff offers our company always offers good prices and payment terms to customers.

Our mission

To provide products and services that will create value beyond the customer expectations in line with our Company and Quality Targets and within the framework of Total Quality understanding, being an exemplary and leading company in the sector.

Our vision

■ Unconditional Customer Satisfaction in every moment, every place and every stage
■ To ensure that our stakeholders, together with our stakeholders, are the infrastructure of progress and development, and make this understanding widespread
■ We are committed to principles that aim to be a company that will live forever in the Turkish economy by creating value in business life, business ethics and corporate culture norms.

Our Core Values

■ 100% Customer Satisfaction
■ Excellence in Service and Production
■ Teamwork
■ Stop in the word
■ Leadership Consciousness
■ Strategic partnership and joining for years
■ Appreciation